Welcome to CareCredit Direct!


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To get started, please follow the simple 3-step process.


Enter your 16-digit Merchant ID, ZIP Code, and CareCredit Provider Center User Name (case sensitive).


Step2Device Registration

Enter your Device Name and Device Type.

Enter a name to identify this device, for example Wait Room PC1 or CCiPad.

Manage Devices and Promotions

You can manage promotions offered to cardholders and add/remove CareCredit Direct devices from the CareCredit Provider Center. Log in and select the Resources & Settings menu, then select Manage Promotions or Manage Devices.

Step3Acknowledgement and Agreement

CareCredit Direct is intended to be a direct-to-consumer tool. Therefore, patients/clients must complete the credit application on their own. You must provide the applicant with a copy of the latest CareCredit Terms and Conditions (paper application) but you are not required to keep a printed copy of the application on file.

(For Practice Use Only)

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